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A Sorta Off-Topic CMV

Title: AlBeVin - I kissed A Boy
Artist: chili_fries
Characters/Pairings: Albedo/Ben/Kevin
Warnings: The song has a considerable amount of swearing. XD
Notes: I bring a CMV!! (There isn't enough, or any Albedo/Ben ones...), the thing is, Kevin's sort of in there too, but I don't think it's against the rules... I'll take it off if it is, but enjoy!

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Naruto → Hidan; bow

Community pimpage!


ben10_rating is a stamping community. Ever wanted to know which Ben 10 character you’re most like? Just fill out a quick application and members of the community vote on which character you’re most like! In the end you get a nice shiny stamp of your character.

Stamping communities are really fun and we need members! So come on over and join the fun!

Please READ THE RULES before posting your applications!
Our list of stamp-able characters are HERE.

I wish this community was more active. T^T
Ben 10

Screencaps - Good Copy Bad Copy

Hey guys, I'm new to the comm... sucks that there's so little Ben/Albedo here... there's tons of art on deviantART though, which i will try and rec here later.

But now though, while i don't have any art I have had some free time on my hands and have made some caps.


Please feel free to use these for your own art.Collapse )

You can also check out my other caps here. I don't have anything from the newer episodes though, only a couple of episodes here and there.
Naruto → Hidan; bow


It's nearly May and no one has posted anything for the March contest yet. :|

Is anyone even working on anything for it? D:

Well, either way, we need to revive this community somehow. Any ideas to make it more active? Places to pimp the comm? (LJ or outside LJ...anything!)

Please please please try and help me keep this community alive! I don't want it to die. T___T
Naruto → Hidan; bow


*jump starts some activity in this community* Here! I bring some fanart of Albedo!

Albedo Chibi by ~FireGurl107 on deviantART

I'm not the best drawer ever, but it's a start. And I wanted to get your attention for the more important thing: CONTEST TIME!!!


Let's go with a fun one: MASTER & SERVANT! And here's something to get the creative juices flowing!

"Domination's the name of the game
In bed or in life
They're both just the same
Except in one you're fulfilled
At the end of the day
Let's play master and servant

~ From Master & Servant by Depeche Mode

→ You can post just about anything! Fanfiction, fanart, FSTs, icons, banners... anything! Go wild!
PLEASE use the tags! (See the TAGS PAGE for a refresher on the tags.) When you make a contest entry please add the tag "!contest" to it so I know it's apart of the contest
→ Please put all of your large entries behind an LJ-cut!
→ All M-rated material MUST go behind a LJ-cut, and the entry members locked.
→ No wank plz, this does not please the mods.
Naruto → Hidan; bow

Sandwich has been a bad mod

*crawls out of a dark hole*

OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY GUYS FOR LETTING THIS COMM DIE. T_______T With college apps and a bunch of other IRL stuff in the way I'd forgotten to keep this community going! But I hope it isn't too dead and we can all revive it!

I'm thinking about doing a contest though, if anyone is still around.

Is there anyone there?

....Anyone? T^T
goes to 11


Sup, boys and girls? This is Tonberry tuning into your station once more for a little random plugging. Today, I bring you a shiny new present.


omnikink is an anonymous kink meme open to any and all prompts for the Ben 10 fandom. This kink meme is shiny and new and completely lacking in prompts! Go forth, and fill her delicious posts with your anonymous requests!
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Yeah right.

A Message from Kevin Levin

Hey, listen up you guys.

I wanted to come over here and let you know about a new Ben 10 only rp gearing up: crossfirerp .

We are brand spankin' new, so only two characters are taken.

Here's our short and sweet premise:

Albedo has escaped and now he's after the Omnitrix. Again.

What happens now?

Well, my friends, that's where you come in!  Join us and let's have some fun and kick some butt!


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Naruto → Hidan; bow

Contest anyone? :D

Hello, community mod sandwich14 is back again! Thanks to pssty we have an awesome community banner, and thanks to saiika_von_maou we have an icon too! Thank you both for doing that for this community. You've both been credited in the profile~

Anyways, to get some more activity flowing through this community I've decided we should do a contest of some sort!

I think the prompt should be something along the lines of "Master!Albedo and Slave!Ben", but that's just my idea. Any of you have other ideas/prompts instead of mine? I'll eventually make a proper post for the contest once we get enough ideas going.

And yes, there will be prizes. ;D