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itisnt_selfcest's Journal

The Albedo x Ben Tennyson community!
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Albedo/Ben 10 love community!
Welcome to itisnt_selfcest, the community for the pairing Albedo x Ben from the animated series Ben 10: Alien Force! Our purpose is to bring together fellow Albedo/Ben shippers and help spread the love for this pairing and series!

!! PLEASE READ THE COMMUNITY RULES CAREFULLY BEFORE JOINING !! Also, please contact the mods if you have any other questions. :]

~sandwich14 -- Founder & maintainer
~meicdon13 -- Co-mod


~ Please try to focus your posts on Albedo/Ben. This is a specific pairing community after all. General Ben 10 stuff is okay in moderation, but don’t make it a habit.

~ Please be nice to other community members. Bashing or flaming of members, characters, pairings, or the Ben 10 series itself will not be tolerated. If you break this rule you will get one warning, and if you do not stop you will be banned from the community.

~ Please put your entries with fanart, fanfiction, large graphics, spoilers, discussions, or any large post in general behind LJ cuts. If you do not do this you will be warned once by the mods, and if you do not fix the problem within a day your post will be taken down. If you don't know how to do an LJ cut, GO HERE!

~ ALL M-RATED MATERIAL MUST BE MEMBERS-LOCKED! Remember that this is a kids show and younger people might be taking a look at our posts here. If you do not lock your M-rated post you will get one warning, and if you do not fix your post it will be removed by the mods.

~ Please tag your posts properly so the mods don’t always have to do this for you. This makes things much easier for all of us! Take a look at the community tags list before posting.

~ Try to use proper grammar. A little typo here and there is okay, but please don't write entirely in chatspeak.

~ Want to affiliate with us? If you do, please contact one of the mods. :3

~ Be over 13 years of age. This is more of an LJ rule than a community rule.

~ Have fun! ^^

~ AND FINALLY when posting a fanfic, fanart, fst, any sort of graphic, please put this before your fanfic/fanart/graphics, followed by an LJ-cut. (Remember to have your post in HTML format when using this, NOT Rich text, otherwise your post will be messed up!):




~ Ben 10 & Ben 10 Alien Force, along with all their characters and ideas, belong to Man of Action and Cartoon Network, NOT us fans. All we are trying to accomplish here is spreading the Albedo/Ben love!
~ Our lovely community banner was made by pssty.
~ The community icon was made by saiika_von_maou.

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